Brunch Playlist DC: Provision

Spring is here!Well, it’s pretty much summer. The change in temperature calls for more exploring, if you’re a foodie like me, exploring new restaurants are always top of mind. DC residents love a Sunday brunch and there are so many great restaurants in the area. Any millennial will tell you aside from meal-prepping, that Sunday’s are for Brunch- it’s a big deal. We love meeting up with our friends for a good, lively meal. There’s a criteria, though. The restaurant has to have that ‘Brunch Vibe’, Cracker Barrel, as much as I love their breakfast is not a brunch spot. An ideal brunch will have, bomb food, music, it’s own unique atmosphere and bottomless Mimosas. I have created a list of DC’s most aesthetically pleasing, flick worthy restaurants to try for Brunch.

The spread

First up: Provision. This first caught my attention by accident, some friends and me were on the waiting list for another local restaurant across the street and decided to explore other options. And boy, am I happy we did. I’m used to brunches at lounges that turn into parties so the quaint, delicate feel or Provision made me curious. They have music playing but it’s a chill playlist that you can still bop to. They also have lots of outdoor seating which makes it a perfect summer brunch spot.

OK, let’s get into food… I got the chicken and waffles sandwich. Yes, that’s right Hun, a sandwich. it was beyond amazing, sweet and savory perfection. For $18 you get a lot of food, I was able to take half home, so well worth the coin. My friends got the breakfast tots, steak and eggs, and pound cake french toast. The only complaint I heard about the food was that the french toast is literally cake so it is a bit sweet, still good, but sweet. Some of us also did bottomless mimosas which comes out in a french coffee press so the fruit is at the bottom and every time you pour a refill, you can press down to get more of the fruity flavors. You get a 2 hour limit for bottomless FYI, but that is pretty standard.

The Atmosphere and food at Provision gets an A++, but the service, a B. If you do decide to check them out (and I hope you do), I would recommend calling and hour or 2 before arrive to make a reservation, just to ensure you are not waiting. Take a look at the menu prior to coming in as well so you can order as soon as you sit down to get the full experience. Let me know if you go:)

Thanks for reading ❤

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