How to Make Meal Prepping Fun (ish)

Hopefully you had a great weekend and you didn’t wear yourself out. For most, Sunday’s are a day of rest, but sometimes they feel like work because of meal prepping. If you meal prep you know if saves a ton of time during the week but while you’re doing it, it can get frustrating and tiresome. Am I the only one that has a love/hate with meal prepping? Washing, chopping, seasoning, cooking and cleaning up everything can literally take hours. But hey! It’s part of adulthood so might as well have fun doing it, right? I literally used to want to cry because I had to meal prep and the weekend was over- every Sunday. So I decided to be a big girl and make it fun. Here are my tips!

Plan Before the Prep

Take a deep breath, meal prepping is not something you want to rush. You will end up with sloppy food you won’t want to eat and waste your time and money. Many times I’ve thrown things together in the name of getting a head start to the week and ended up throwing some of the food away. Having a game plan is essential. I typically go on Pintrest and search for recipes that match what I have a taste for(healthy choices). I also love reading post on blogs specifically about food. The Curlie cook is definitely one of my favs for healthy, delicious recipes! check it out! ( She even has awesome Apple Music playlist for you to jam to while you cook! After I have an idea of what I’m making I look at the ingredients and make sure I have everything needed before heading to the grocery store. When you get home, wash all your veggies first, chop them, THEN cut your meat. It will save a lot of time and avoid cross-contamination. While you crop everything, if you’re making rice or pasta, go ahead and boil the water to get that started. After everything is chopped, wash the dishes that are no longer in use, it will help at the end of the session to have less dishes. Save yourself time and clean as you go. (:

Phone a Friend

OK so the mundane part is complete! Now onto the next tip. You know that college friend you keep playing phone tag with? Give ’em a call while you cook. Having company while prepping is a great way to push through and maybe they can even suggest a few new recipes for you try. I love to catch up with old friends while I’m cooking, it helps the time go by faster and if you’re not a huge talker (like me) it makes for the perfect duration to check-in and have good conversation. Once your food is done you can end the call without any awkwardness. OR invite your friends over if they live in your area. You all can talk, eat, and watch Netflix all while you ‘adult’. Don’t do prepping alone!

Listen to Music

I mentioned that The Curlie Cook has a great upbeat playlist to jam to while you cook. But you can make your own playlist that will keep you motivated while you cook. Dance, get loose, and have fun!


Do you have a favorite speaker or Podcast that talks about topics relevant to areas of work or interest? listen and learn from the best while you cook. Grab your wireless speaker and take mental notes!

Meal Prepping doesn’t have to be boring. It is one way to save-time during the week, so make it work for you. Plan out your meals in advance, Catch-up with a friend, get your jam on, or listen to a podcast to make prepping more enjoyable!

Thanks for Reading (:

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