Effortless Vacation/Holiday Looks 2019

Hello! So vacation, holiday (whatever you call it) season is upon us! I recently went to Cabo with my girls and had a blast. But let me tell you, packing for this trip gave me so much anxiety. I was anxious to the point where I had to check myself and say ‘ what are you doing?’ Vacation is about relaxing and enjoying the company of the people you’re with. In this day and age we sometimes think it’s about pictures and the ‘look’ portrayed on your social media and that’s what causes the anxiety. Because why would relaxing be stressful? Of course you still want to look and feel great so I’m here to share a few simple looks that won’t necessarily break the bank 😉

Flowy 2-Piece Set

I am all about bringing what you already have! This is a 2-piece set from Guess that I purchased for my boyfriend’s birthday brunch. Sets are ideal for vacation because of how effortlessly bomb they are! I love how light and comfortable it is BUT the price was probably the most I’ve paid for clothes ever. It was $150 for the set and that is entirely why I intend to wear it a couple more times. But I also think it’s OK to splurge on one or 2 pieces for vacation if you really love it. This was my splurge!

Satin Mini Dress

Nothing is more carefree and easy than a dress! I got this Champagne, Satin dress from PrettyLittleThing a year ago. It’s perfect for a dinner or night out on the town! I would recommend getting a size up for comfortability. Satin can get a little toasty in the summer so being as breathable as possible is a plus. Mine is snug so trust me on this. Vacay is all about being free and flowy so bring things you are comfortable in!

The only picture in the outfit that was full length. Sorry.

White Jeans

C’mon you can only wear White pants 4 months out of the year, so why not bring them on vacay? This look cost me $80 with the shoes included. I am wearing gorgeous gaucho white jeans from H&M, leopard print top from H&M and brown Slip-On wedges from Forever 21. This was my favorite outfit from the entire trip because of its simplicity and elegance. Less is always more and I can’t stress enough how important it is to wear things that make you feel beautiful while you are on vacation. To some this is a regular outfit, but you couldn’t tell me nuffin’:)

Light Make-up

No makeup is ideal on vacation but on the occasions you want to be more glam above are two easy looks I wore during my trip. Each took less than 20mins and they weren’t heavy. Light foundation(1pump),concealer under the eyes, bronzer to add more color and a natural lash! You’ll be good to go(:

Biker Shorts

For daytime activities biker shorts were a go-to for half of the crew! Some wore them at the airport as a comfy, cute look. They have a legging-like feel and add an edge without being overly casual. I got mine from the thrift store years ago and paired them with a ‘Biggie and Jay-Z’ graphic crop top from TJ Maxx and vans.

Vacation is a chance to reset from our busy work schedules. Packing and getting outfitS together shouldn’t be stressful. Splurge if you want, pack a few things you already have and be confident because you’re beautiful! I hope this helped.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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