The Battle of Image and Reality

I just landed in Miami. I’m going on a 7-day cruise through the Caribbean with my immediate family and boyfriend. I feel extremely blessed to be able to take a trip with the people I love most. However, one thought crossed my mind and I had to analyze it…

I couldn’t help but think about all the pictures that will be taken and finding ‘the perfect picture’ to post on my social media. In our current culture we are so quick to think about the image or the look of something rather than the essence and joy of it. So quick to post brag worthy moments before we really take the time to enjoy them. What’s more important to you-Image or reality? I know that’s a tough choice, but they don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

My mom sent our family group chat an eye-opening text this morning. She Said:

‘Be thinking about your personal vision for this cruise…

Your personal vision is how you commit to living your life. It influences all areas including family, spirituality, physical well-being, leisure, and work. A clear personal vision is an integration of your abilities, interests, personality, values, goals, skills/experience, family of origin, and stage of adult development. That’s huge!

If you have a personal vision, you will

have a guide for decisions,

become meaning-driven and inner-directed,

think in the long-term, and

maintain balance in your life.’

Whew! it would be awful to have a beautiful pictures but an ugly experience. That goes with everything in life, not just a vacation. Having a personal vision for your endeavors allows your image and reality to align. Whatever you have going on this weekend, have a personal vision for it!


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