Becoming You

New Year, New Me, right? What if you are confused about who is on the other end of the mirror? I’ve gotten so much confirmation about this series- Michelle Obama’s book ‘Becoming’, I’ve read blog posts about this topic and it is something I am still trying to figure out. ‘Who am I?’ is a question most of us ask ourselves at least once in our lives. We have desires and goals that set our souls on fire but we haven’t pursued them with full force due to doubts or other interferences. I want to start a blog series as we go into this new year titled ‘coming into who I really am’. We fall in love with people, ideas, dreams, etc… But we haven’t fallen in love with ourselves. Honestly, let’s not let another year go by without finding who we are first.  My theory, if we can figure out who we truly are we will have more clarity, joy and peace. Stay tuned for a weekly update on each topic.

Clarity– be clear on what you want and need

Joy– choose to embrace life

Peace– You don’t need to conform


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