It’s Better to Just Wait

This is for my single ladies. How are y’all doing? It’s hard being single in the summer. There’s so many fun things to do and you want to enjoy them with someone special. Actually scratch that, it’s hard being single in general. I’m in a weird place because I love my alone time and by […]

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One Step at a Time

Do you ever feel like you take one step forward and then ten steps back?Like you are constantly fighting the same battles in your finances, relationships and career no matter how much effort you commit to changing for the better? I think the cause of the repeat circumstances is because there was never a real […]

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Attitude Adjustment

Getting mad because someone annoys you or asks too many questions. you don’t like the way someone expresses their insecurities, so what? You think getting short and snappy with them will make anything better? You say you can’t help it but in reality, you can. If the very person you are getting frustrated with you […]

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Fight Like Your Life Depends on it

Dreams, goals, business ideas, career aspirations and desires. They are all worth fighting for. Fight the urge to scroll, spend more money than you should, binge watch your favorite show or even sleep if it means working towards making your dream a reality. I am reading Nehemiah and I can’t help but be convicted by […]

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