Part 1: Clarity on What You Want and Need



Welcome to 2019! With only two days into the year, if you are anything like me you probably haven’t had a chance to right out all of your goals yet and that is OK. I think that before we can even make goals, it’s important to be clear on exactly what we want from this year, from life, from our relationships, from our Career, etc..  Likewise, In order to fully know and understand who you are, you have to ask questions for clarity. Kind of like when you are getting to know someone, fully knowing each other doesn’t come after the initial introduction. You have to ask questions. Not just any questions, though, the right questions. I’m  reading Brendan Burchard’s book the Motivation Manifesto and he provides endless insight on breaking the barriers that block us from becoming  our true selves. In the book he states we should write out ‘our own manifesto, our own written declaration of what our lives are to be about.’ He gives a list of essential questions to ask:

What am I really after in life? 

What do I truly want to create and contribute? 

What kind of person do I want to show the world?

What types of persons shall I love and enjoy life with? 

What great cause will keep me going when I feel weak? 

What shall be my ultimate legacy? 

What steps must I take to begin and sustain these efforts? 

How will I orient my days to accomplish these goals this week? Month? Year? 

I encourage you to join me in writing these questions out and answering each one with your truth. Look at them daily, weekly, or monthly to remember and be clear about who you are and what you want!


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