Part 3: Peace

Whew, we’ve made it to the end of the series! We’re clear on what we want and need and we’re embracing

our lives, so, what’s next? Having peace about who you are. So cliché, but bear with me please. When I tell you

this was the hardest topic for me to write about I’m not exaggerating. Being at peace with who you are doesn’t

come naturally.  Let me just say, it is much easier to write out everything that you want and need or to

embrace life with joy when there is no discomfort. But throw some hardship in there and you may lose your

peace. Especially when your current situation doesn’t really align with who you say you are or want to be.

When what was put on paper or dreamt about isn’t as glamorous as we thought we tend to go back to what

we’re used to. Back to doing whatever is thought to be acceptable and cool.  Back to doing what everyone else

is doing. Back to playing it safe. But when things get shaky, it takes a level of courage to have and keep peace

with who you are and where you’re going. It’s having enough peace when there’s no money to splurge on the

things you want or you’re having an off day to not allow the feelings that come with obstacles stop you from

seeing your unmatched potential. Have peace about each quality you possess (good or bad) because your

uniqueness is what makes you, you. You can stay on your time and path of life without comparing your journey

to anyone else’s. Life is going to throw some curve balls but don’t let them discourage you from loving who you

are! Be brave enough to not allow yourself or anyone steal you peace! Let’s go be great.


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