Hey Younger Me

I’ve come to a point in my life where self reflection and self development go hand-in-hand. In order to move forward, it’s good to identify your weaknesses and the patterns that have repeated themselves for better or for worse over the years. I learned that I can’t do better without breaking free from the negative, counterproductive mindsets I have grown accustomed to. What better way to pin point the areas of improvement than to go back in time? I decided to write a note to my younger self.

Dear Younger Me,

My hope is that you understand that you are valuable. I think that has been your biggest issue and we didn’t uncover that until recently. But it’s all coming together see, the way you’ve given up on yourself in the past and settled for mediocre performance in school, relationships, jobs,etc is all because you didn’t see the value in fighting for someone you really didn’t know(yourself). I want to help you out a little while you’re young. When you spend Time by yourself, take that time to see the beauty that is within you, look beyond what is skin deep. You don’t need new clothes, alcohol,or the latest whatever to have a seat at the table. Nothing that can be taken from you is something you should prioritize over self development. Do more with less, I know it’s seems like you need something extra to be happy and to fit in, but trust me if you learn to work with what you have and turn that into something amazing you’ll be happier and more successful in all you do. If you aren’t good at something, keep trying until you get better. Don’t give up on yourself, you are more capable than you think. Make it your mission to enjoy the simple things in life, like spending time with your family. You love buying things and that’s OK but no item can compare to the fulfillment of strong relationships and being well-rounded. Part of knowing your value is having appreciation for your upbringing. Your Mom is instilling lessons in you right now that you are resisting but one day have you will literally have to go back and tell her she was right all along 🙂 Her most important lesson- apart from God you can do nothing. Don’t groan at going to church Sunday and Wednesday because you’d rather do something else. Your relationship with God is your most important relationship, he is going to give you guidance on the schools, friends and jobs you chose. He’s also going to be your restoration and peace when you feel like life is falling apart. Don’t be ashamed to talk about Him around your friends because you may end up helping them. You can leave an impact just by standing out, be bold. I’m tearing up as I type this because you just don’t know how much He has brought you through.

On a lighter, random note, girl Push through that last 200 meters at track practice and run more after if needed. Don’t slow down because the person behind you is catching up. Pick it up and fight! gain the mental toughness it takes to preserve when you are in pain. Pain meaning any type of discomfort: frustration, being tried, overwhelm, doubt, whatever. Something as simple as pushing through the finish line at track practice can make a huge impact in your future.

I’m going to leave you with this, give your all in everything you do, learn to communicate your feelings effectively, and love everyone in your life unconditionally. You are going to be just fine.

With love,



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