Attitude Adjustment

Getting mad because someone annoys you or asks too many questions. you don’t like the way someone expresses their insecurities, so what? You think getting short and snappy with them will make anything better? You say you can’t help it but in reality, you can. If the very person you are getting frustrated with you wanted to take you on your dream vacation or give you money, I bet you’d learn how to be patient with them. Ask yourself what you’re really annoyed about? Are they interrupting you, making you uncomfortable? Hmm..lots of ‘you’ in there. Perhaps take the focus off of yourself for a minute and understand where this person is coming from. No one can change your mood. Only you have control over your responses. Breath, take a minute but be cognizant of your tone and facial expression. I guarantee the person on the receiving end of your attitude is not trying to ruin your day or annoy you. But you might have hurt their feelings and caused them to feel less. Analyze your heart before responding. Nothing is worse than being around someone you have to walk around on eggshells with. The people in your life love you and always will. But think about what is REALLY ticking you off when that person asks a question, opens their mouth, touches you, or breathes. It might be hidden resentment or ill feelings you have about yourself at that moment. We are human so we will slip up but just remember that the way you respond to someone who is simply trying to love you or help you can impact them for better or for worse. They may not say anything because they are patient and understanding but you may be causing them pain unintentionally.

I wrote this to myself after spending 10 days visiting my family in Springfield, Mo. i sent a message to the family group chat with an ending no one should ever have to send to people they love. I said ‘ thanks for being patient with me when I had an attitude.’ And I joke about this but I don’t want to be the sassy sister, daughter anymore. I think out of the 10 days there was maaybe one day I didn’t have an attitude with a member of my family. Why? I couldn’t tell you because I love each one of them with my heart and soul. My excuse was ‘I literally can’t help it’ or ‘I’m trying’ but that doesn’t matter when other people’s feelings are involved. Who’s to say I hurt anyone’s feeling because I honestly don’t think I did (prayerfully I didn’t) but just the thought of being a grouch or unnecessarily snapping at someone disturbs me. Like, being in a constant state or irritation is not OK. I think there are ways to stand up for yourself and communicate irritation without sass. Right? Can anyone else relate? It’s not cute nor is creating a positive environment. Life is too short to let little things get to you. I promise I’m a nice person and I don’t always have a chip on my shoulder! I think a lot of my friends would say I’m a patient, kind, loving person, my family even would. But they would also agree that I do let little things annoy me.

I need an attitude adjustment and I’m being brutally honest. I am an advocate for positivity, but the second I get annoyed, summon the (slight) attitude whether that’s in the form of silence or a cut-throat, cold response. Taking steps towards personal development is imperative-Emphasizing the personal. I started this blog to help others live out their best lives through my experiences and thoughts. Loving yourself and being positive are great! But identifying areas of improvement within yourself and being honest about them are the keys to developing the world around you for the better. We all have ‘toxic’ traits, I’ve identified mine as getting annoyed and having an unnecessary attitude as a result. But I’m not embracing that trait and I’m actively pursuing developing in that’s area to have a more fulfilling life for myself as well as the people around me.

So y’all, from this day forward I am taking steps to check my attitude as my mom would say and choose not to allow little things to irritate me. Once I figure out has helped me meet this goal I will write out a ‘step-by-step guide to a better attitude for you guys.’ But until then I will leave you with one piece of advice that inspired me to make this change… ‘If you were to be honest, is your attitude self serving from or stemming from a lack of confidence? How can you move you attitude from being one of positive (or negative) to one of love and joy.’ A quote sent to me by my best friend, Mani. I think that as much as we try to have a positive attitude we will see ourselves coming up short but if we keep love and joy at the forefront of our responses we will see love and joy manifest around us.

Thanks for Reading:)


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