Let Here be Enough

There’s so much power in stillness. I think where a lot of us go wrong, myself included, is trying to escape the present moment. Needing a drink, scrolling, shopping, etc. when a minor inconvenience happens. I am so big on ‘ I need a pick-me-up’ if I’m having bad day or annoyed. I’m especially big on this while I’m working and can’t help but think ‘why?’ . Yes, there are mundane, boring situations in life but we could be missing out growth if we try to escape them too fast.

I overheard someone say They miss their 20’s and early 30’s. It would be lovely if we could live life with grace so we wouldn’t have to miss the good old days. The present moment is a gift (so cliché, I know) but seriously it is. There’s always something to be grateful for, even if it’s something simple. We have to learn to love life now, even when it’s not that exciting.

What if we just let the here be enough? Here and now. The very situation we’re in right now is enough. We have everything we need to get to wherever we want to go so why not make the most of it? Enjoying May be a stretch but we can at least be still and sit with the situation instead of trying to flea from it. I think the more we try to numb and escape the more we have to keep numbing and escaping. There’s that saying we’ve all heard, ‘life doesn’t get easier, you get stronger’ you can only get stronger by being uncomfortable and learning to be ok with it.

Catch me enjoying my next anxiety ridden moment✌🏾

Thanks for reading 💫


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