3 Simple Ways to Get Yourself out of a Rut and Strive

There are seven months left in the year. If that makes you kinda of cringe, you are not alone! To be honest, this year has flown by and I thought I’d feel more accomplished by this point. *playing my air violin* but seriously you know those goals like, ‘ by May 2019 I will…’ Yeah, I’m a little behind on a few of those goals and it can be discouraging at times. But as a refresher, I’ve got to remind myself that as long as you haven’t quit, you’re in a good place. You know what not quitting means? It means you’ve pressed through. That somehow even though your situation might suck or not be what you wanted, you’ve still got some fight in you. Low times are going to come so I want to share three tips to help you Strive.

The Google definition for strive is: make great efforts to achieve or obtain something. struggle or fight vigorously

Remember Your Why

I like the last part of the definition ‘fight vigorously.’ When we hit low points it is going to take some fighting to get back to level ground. For example, I can have a really bad day at work and think about all the negativity that comes with the job but when I think about where I was before I got this job and how unfulfilled I was, there is almost an instant sense of relief. It makes me want to push through even more because I don’t want to go back to where I was. I listened to a sermon by MichealTodd today and he said ‘before you get to your purpose you have to tend to the pasture’ he was referring to David in the Bible who was a lowly shepherd boy, his family didn’t appreciate him. In fact, they went to a party and didn’t even invite him. But you know what? David was tending to their livelihood as well as his own. I’m sure he wanted to have fun and be a social young adult, but he had something extraordinarily impactful that he was working on and that is what kept him focused. Why are you getting your degree, saving for a home, moving to a new city, or working so hard? Anything that is going to shape and refine you into a better person is going to hurt sometimes. Remember why you haven’t given up and I promise you it’ll make the fight worth it.

Note a Few Good things

Ok, things might suck right now but is everything in shambles? Remember the complement you got that made you feel good, the unexpected free lunch at work, the beautiful weather, or the uplifting words of a loved one. One or two small good things in your life can help you push through your low moments. I am a true believer that God gives us everything we need to succeed each day and most times we brush over the little, yet important things. Take time to write out 5 good things that happened to you the next time you are feeling low, watch your mood start to shift. Even if you have to cry, vent, or scream first, make sure that you redirect yourself to positivity and note the good that is around you.

Imagine The Best

It’s difficult to visualize your best self in the midst of low moments and it takes discipline to redirect your mind from negativity. Think about when you were a kid you had the wildest imagination, anything was possible and no one could tell you any different. That child-like wonder is still needed as an adult. I tend to get discouraged when my life doesn’t go the way I want it to, but I’ve learned that when you can still imagine how you want your life to be, even when it isn’t so great, there is faith that replaces the fear. You almost become like that little girl or boy that believed they could be an invincible superhero. Shout out to my best friend for reminding me how important imagination is. To be able to picture yourself making a difference in the world, in a loving relationship, happy with your work, and vibrant is the first step to achieving greatness.

Remember your why, find the good and use your imagination to strive during the low moments.

Thanks for reading 💕



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