You Have to Work for it

What do you want more than anything? Whatever it is, it will almost always require hard work and dedication. For me, I want to run a marathon, The New York or Boston Marathon. I’ve dreamt about crossing the finishline crying tears of joy because something that was impossible for me at one point, became possible. […]


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Run Your World

Happy Sunday Huns! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you feel refreshed, renewed and restored for the upcoming week. Sunday is always my day to get my life together. I cook for the week, write out my goals, do some brainstorming and really just ask God for strength to push through the next […]

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An Abundance Mindset

Have you ever held something back out of fear you might run out? I’m not talking about telling your friend you just ate your last piece of gum to avoid anyone else asking for a piece(I do this a lot so please keep me in prayer :P). Like, really holding back your resources, love, expertise, […]

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Finding Your Why

  When you think of the thing that has kept you standing for so long, what comes to mind? It might be hope or your positive mindset that something great will happen eventually. Think about how many times you give yourself credit for just making it through the day. Although things might not have gone […]

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Part 3: Peace

Whew, we’ve made it to the end of the series! We’re clear on what we want and need and we’re embracing our lives, so, what’s next? Having peace about who you are. So cliché, but bear with me please. When I tell you this was the hardest topic for me to write about I’m not […]

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Becoming You

New Year, New Me, right? What if you are confused about who is on the other end of the mirror? I’ve gotten so much confirmation about this series- Michelle Obama’s book ‘Becoming’, I’ve read blog posts about this topic and it is something I am still trying to figure out. ‘Who am I?’ is a […]

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The Battle of Image and Reality

I just landed in Miami. I’m going on a 7-day cruise through the Caribbean with my immediate family and boyfriend. I feel extremely blessed to be able to take a trip with the people I love most. However, one thought crossed my mind and I had to analyze it… I couldn’t help but think about […]

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